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Business Catering – Traditional Continental
This Menu Includes all of the Below:
Traditional Continental Breakfast
Selection of seasonal sliced fruit, such as; strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon, oranges, & pineapple.
A variety of freshly baked bite size muffins, scones, and danishes. (2 pieces per person)
Freshly baked cinnamon buns with a sweet icing glaze drizzled on top.
Assorted individual yogurt cups
100% Columbian coffee made from Better Blend Coffee. Served with cream and sugar.
Additional Information
Minimum 15 people.
Add Bottled Water for $1.00 each.
Add Bottled Juice for $2.00 each.
The Price Per Person Includes
All Business Breakfasts Include:  Take out plates/bowls, cutlery and napkins. Sustainable dishes can be arranged.