Catering Menus
Business Catering – Classic Greek Dinner
This Menu Includes all of the Below:
Classic Greek Dinner
Warm pita served with a creamy tzatziki dip.
Tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, peppers, and salty black olives in a Greek style dressing topped with feta cheese.
Skewers of Greek seasoned chicken breast. Vegetarian options available.
Baked rice, peppers, onions in a rich stock topped with fresh herbs.
A variety of freshly baked cookies.
Additional Information
Minimum 30 people.
Add Bottled Water for $1.00 each.
Add a Variety of Pop for $1.50 each.
Add Bottled Juice for $2.00 each.
The Price Per Person Includes
All Business Dinners Include:  Take out plates/bowls, cutlery and napkins.  Sustainable dishes can be arranged.