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Business Catering – Deluxe Wraps Lunch Menu

COVID-19  Business Events

We are still catering our wonderful meals for all your needs but we are able to either drop off the normal "buffet style" or we have a new Covid way of providing the same yummy meal but in individual containers for each of your guests, to help with the self distancing required.  Inquire within and we can help you keep your staff fed even during these times.
This Menu Includes all of the Below:
Deluxe Wraps Menu
Deluxe Toss Salad - fresh greens, with freshly cut tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, & onions; served with a creamy Italian dressing.
Greek Pesto Pasta Salad - tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, peppers, salty black olives, rotini pasta tossed in a freshly made Greek pesto dressing topped with feta cheese.
  • Thai Chicken Wrap - roasted chicken breast with sweet chili and soy marinated chow mein noodles, bell peppers, red onion, carrots, and cilantro in a wrap.
  • Roasted Chicken Caesar Wrap - roasted chicken in a wrap with romaine, house caesar dressing and parmesan cheese.
Minimum 10 people.
Add Chef's Homemade Soup for $3.00 per person.
Add Fresh Baked Cookies for $1.00 per person.
Add Fruit Platter for $4 per person.
Add Bottled Water for $1.00 each.
Add a Variety of Pop for $1.50 each.
Add Bottled Juice for $2.00 each.
The Price Per Person Includes
All Business Lunches Include: Biodegradable paper plates/bowls, plastic cutlery, napkins, and serving utensils. Sustainable dishes can be arranged.