Ritz Wedding Catering

The Ultimate Winter Wedding Buffet.

Posted on December 4th, 2018

It can be tough picking the perfect buffet for your Winter Wedding if you’re not sure what’s in season. If you’re having dreams of sweet corn and Savoury Steaks grilling on the BBQ, you’ve planned your wedding a few months too late! Winter is the season for delicious comfort food, hot coco, and snuggling up with your favourite person. It’s …

What to Expect from your Caterer on your Wedding Day.

Posted on November 26th, 2018

We know how much hard work you have put into making this day special and as your Caterer we want to make sure you enjoy it! As an All Inclusive Wedding Caterer we provide a Full Service Catering Experience. From the gravy ladle to the salt & pepper shakers on your table, we include it all! The Setup At Ritz …